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Brisbane Private Investigator, Brisbane Private Detective

We are a licensed Brisbane private investigator service. Our investigation, private investigator, private detective, services including surveillance, factual investigations, a background check or research. We investigate for corporations, small business and the private person. We investigate suspected Workcover fraud, Worker Compensation claim fruad, or due diligence Workcover investigations, wehre the level of exposure requires confirmation of the claimed restrictions. We conduct corporate investigations for criminal and civil actions, as well as private drug investigations; we investigate child custody and family law concerns, as well as suspected infidelity, adultery or other relationship concerns. We give free quotes.

Covert surveillance is one of the areas where a private investigator is employed; private investigator surveillance is the discreet observation of the actions, interactions and movements of an unaware subject. for the private investigator this usually involves still photographs, or video evidence, to support the observations. Private investigator surveillance, when done correctly, is legal, and the evidence obtained may be presented to a court. Private investigator surveillance is used for HR investigations (allegations of corruption, criminal activity or suspect relationships), Workcover investigations (Workcover surveillance) and insurnace inquiries, criminal, civil, franchise dispute, drug investigations and child custody, divorce settlement and relationship suspicion investigations.

Factual investigation is the overt act of investigating. This includes talking to people, locating witnesses, formal and informal interviews, the taking of affidavits (statements), it is the location and preservation of evidence. This form of investigation is used in criminal, civil, criminal defence, traffic accident, child custody, family law, Workcover and most other forms of investigation. We are a Brisbane private investigator, we are licensed by the Queensland government to investigate, to gather private information, evidence, for reward.

WHY HIRE A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR? Because we work for you. We are the active investigators who search for the information, the evidence, you need.

If things aren't going well. If you are taken before a court, or have to launch court action, do not confuse a legal system with justice. You must remember that precedence, protocol, and the fact that some people lie, all can go against a 'just' outcome. You need a Brisbane private investigator on your legal team, we are there to find the evidence you need.

We provide private investigators, private detectives, to investigate (where legal and practicable). When you need a Private Investigator in Brisbane contact us for a free quote.


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